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What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Mortgage in Texas?

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Mortgage in Texas? When you fall behind on a payment or two, your lender will send you notice to pay and include late fees. When you purchased the house, you signed a promissory note (or promise to pay) and this will spell out your payments and penalties for […]

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Another 5 Star Review

We had a great visit with GW and learning about his unique situation. We were able to help him to get what he needed. here’s what he had to say: “These guys were the best. I had called a few other companies and they totally low balled me. Happy Heart Homes came to visit, sat […]

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Sell Your House Faster by Removing Wall Paper

WALLPAPER!! To most home buyers it screams old fashioned. Especially, the wall paper trim around the top of the walls.  To the home seller, it should scream >>> LESS Money. So here’s an easy and fast way to remove it. Or you could sell to us at HappyHeart Homes and we’ll buy your house as-is, […]

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